Aurora Rosselli is an Artist, Photographer, Designer, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Italy, she began her education at the Liceo Artistico and became devoted to the world of Art. After that, she enrolled at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Catania, where she continued gathering the tools necessary to express her passions you see today throughout her original artwork. She quickly gained popularity in Italy and later on her artwork was displayed in exhibits across Europe and the US. The extensive, formal background she gained of fine arts is today incorporated into her entrepreneurial perspective and has enhanced rather than formed her artistic viewpoint capturing the beautiful Art of everyday scenery and culture in her work.

Bistecca ai Ferri, how to cook the perfect pan seared Italian steak

Pan Seared steak

The Bistecca is one of the most known and appreciated dishes of Italian cuisine especially for meat lovers, either cooked, as per tradition, on hot embers or cast iron skillet. It is a high cut that sometimes includes the bone, to be cooked with a degree of “blood” cooking. Let’s discover the characteristics of the most loved steak in the world and the technique to cook it to perfection. 

Bruschette ai Funghi Trifolati


Bruschette ai Funghi Trifolati (Mushroom Bruschette) is a rustic dish, part of the culinary tradition of the Piemonte region in Italy. Considered today an appetizer, It’s an effortless dish to prepare, tasty and delicate for all the lovers of mountain flavors like myself, but originated from the need to preserve bread by the farmers.