The Leather Look

4Runway images of models in leather images by Dwight Samuels
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Few things feel as chic, sophisticated, and sleek for this upcoming winter as leather and all of it’s varieties; we’re looking at you vegan leather!  As spotted all over the Fall 2020 runway shows, here are some of our favorite looks to inspire you with some practicality and texture.  
Leather can have a sheen or matte look, be reminiscent of the 70’s, 90’s, and early 00’s thanks to some of our favorite movies and red carpet looks, all while having a fresh update for this season.  

Runway Images courtesy of @dwightsamuelsphotography

Style these pieces with either layered-dainty or simple-oversized jewelry, a juxtaposition of fabric (think tough, but feminine), a statement bag, a naked pump, a minimal opened toed sandal, or also on trend for this winter- one of the many striking, and complimentary boot options.   
Leather has come quite far since the days of cowboys & motorcycle gangs, and has turned into a quintessential staple of winter no matter how big or small your city or town.  The winter blues may be coming, but no reason to get down!  Use this fabric to make yourself feel warm, stylish, and empowered for the cold days ahead.

Runway Images courtesy of @dwightsamuelsphotography


Want to incorporate the style of leather (or vegan leather) into your look? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites!



Autumnal tones carry us through winter with a warm glow. WDIRARA, $23
Army green will never go out of style, and it’s also one of our favorite earth tones. SweatyRocks, $23
Pair with a fun statement stocking (we’re thinking a sheer Swiss dot) and cozy sweater.  So cute in front of the fireplace. BlankNYC, $88.
Grease lightening! A super skinny waste band in these faux leather leggings. INC, $29.99, from $59.50

Two on-trend looks in one that are so flattering, and able to be worn while eating! Paper-bag, faux-leather trousers. Milumia, $28.99

Button up, but make it fashion. Calvin Klein, $39.75 from $79.50

When you want a pop of color and a puffed sleeved! Another two-for-one trend for the season. Acelyn, $25.99

A more provocative take on the style above, with a shorter sleeve, & V-cut back; pairs so well with a contrasting white jean and statement sneaker! Great for date night. STAUD, $157.50 from $315!


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