Wedding Cookie Favors They’ll Devour!

wedding dress cookie

No matter if you’re planning a wedding, shower, engagement party or bridesmaid proposal there’s lots of little details to think about.  Rather than gifting MRS & MRS trinkets to your guests and bridal party, why not give them something they’ll love … something edible!

Adorable wedding cookies are the perfect favor (and dessert) that everyone is bound to love.  And they’re so cute!  Customize them to fit your color scheme, match your wedding dress or celebrate what makes you as a couple unique.  Bake them up yourself with our suggestions or entrust an expert to get it just right!

Check out some of our top wedding-themed cookies below and let us know your favorites!


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Say Yes to the Dress

 And the cookies!  In fact, just say yes to everything, it’s your special day after all! 


wedding dress cookie
Image Courtesy of Lulabelle Custom Cookies
wedding cookies - gorgeous lace dress wedding dress cookie
Image courtesy of Cookie Therapy

A touch of lace makes this dress a real knock out!  Want to get the lace effect on your own sweet creations?  Try a lace mold for a cookie that’s sure to leave them “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing!”

wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Posh Piper Cookies

The lines on this dress and textured bodice make it look so authentic.  Perfect for any bride on her big day or at any of the festivities leading up to it.

wedding cookies
Image Courtesy of J&M Cookies / Janelle Gohlke

Janelle shared some tips for making her gorgeous set at home.  For the dress she used CookieCutterStudio‘s strapless dress cookie cutter(Other cutters in the set: Cake , Plaque , Boot , and the Ring) To get that gorgeous rich navy color, Janelle used a combination of food safe dyes in navy, violet, royal blue and black.  Need a time saving tip?  Janelle recommends making RI transfers ahead of time for all the flowers.  To create those beautiful  floral arrangements she used Wilton 101 tip for the pansies, star tip 14 for the rosettes and 350 leaf tip.

wedding dress cookie
Image courtesy of To The Moon and Back Cupcakery
wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Halley Hensley/ Just Peachy Bakery

This gorgeous strapless dress pairs so well with this pink green and white wedding set.  We love the monochrome Miss to Mrs complimented by the white ‘N’ initial cookies and beautiful florals.

cookies with wedding dresses, scissors and champagne on them
Image courtesy of Tashia Puana / Sweets & Treats
wedding cookies
Image courtesy of PandaCakes Cakery

This Strapless wedding dress is perfection with a sweat heart neckline and blue belt.  A gorgeous bridemaide proposal cookie that would look just as gorgeous at any wedding festivity.


No matter what shape dress you’re looking for there’s something out there for you.  Etsy is a great resource to find a cutter to match every dress no matter if its  MermaidTrumpet with Ruffles , Drop Waist Ballgown or a Classic Ballgown style – or anything in between!  And if you’re looking to take you wedding dress cookies up a notch, play around with texture like some of our favorites above did.





Suit Up

 If we’re representing the bride, we should also give a nod towards the groom with these cute tuxes.


wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Little British Bakery FL / Laura Mashall

Love these adorable tuxes with the big bowties.  However this set also includes beautiful wood grain detailing, bannerscakesMr and Mrs signs and of course a beautiful wedding dress as well.



tux and prom cookies
Image courtesy of Carolyn Cyf-Mc /

While this feels a little more like a red carpet or prom set, we had to include these gorgeous hand-painted tuxedos!  They would look right at home on any wedding cookie tray!

wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Jessica's Sweets Spot

Can we just talk about the details here.  Look at that little tie clip and boutonniere on the suit!  Paired with a gorgeous gown and even a “naked” style wedding cake cookie!  

bride and groom wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Alexis Turel / Little Miss Cakes
wedding cookies
Images courtesy of Dalila Almaraz / My Sweet Blessing

No special cutters are needed for these tuxes, just a steady hand a little bit of creativity.  

However, if you’re looking for some more classic Tuxedo shapes, try this jacket which is perfect for any groom.





Florals, Florals, Florals

When in doubt you can’t go wrong with gorgeous floral arrangements.




wedding cookies with floral arrangements
image courtesy of Leslie Tallent / Biggest Little Cookiery
flower cookies
image courtesy of Leslie Tallent / Biggest Little Cookiery
wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Little British Bakery FL / Laura Marshall


We love these floral arrangements floral clustersand bouquets.  They’re perfect for any festivity and you can  even match them to your actual floral arrangements.  Now that’s keeping with a theme.




A Little Bling

There’s no bigger symbol of love and matrimony then the ring.  While everyone has their own preferences regarding jewelry, I think we can all agree when it comes to cookie rings, the bigger the better!


wedding ring cookies
Image courtesy of Tracy Merlau

What would bling be without a little sparkle?

wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Dots and Bows Designs / Katrina Neville

Not only does Katrina design these gorgeous cutters herself (seriously check out her designs!) but look at that stunning ring made from isomalt!

wedding ring and bee cookies
Image courtesy of Carolyn Cyf-Mc /
wedding ring cookies
Image courtesy of Sally Schroeder / @PlatesofGrace
wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Chelsie Ward / @Custom_cookie_art
wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Ashley Doherty / @Dohertysdough

To get the gold slim band effect, Ashley used a fine tip paint brush by Sweet Sticks and painted on pearl sheen air brush color.   



No matter if you want a thin band or a thicker band, a shiny finish will make it pop.  We love a set of metallics that comes in gold, rose gold and silver so you can match any engagement ring.





Save Room for Cake

Just as iconic as the wedding dress is the wedding cake.  So of course, we had to recreate it in cookies.


wedding cookies
Images courtesy of Tahira Zaidi / Delightful Treats by TZ

We love a wedding cake cookie cutter (they’re just so cute and still really easy to decorate and make your own!)


Looking for an affordable wedding set?  We found one that has all the basics you need, a champagne bottle, flute, diamond ring, heart, plaque and of course a wedding cake!



A Little Bubbly

Toast the happy couple with some champagne, cookies that is.  Cheers!




wedding cookies
Image courtesy of PandaCakes Cakery
wedding cookies
Images courtesy of Cozzies Creations

We love these champagne bottles branded with the wedding date.  However the textures and attention to detail on them all deserves a second look.  

We’re also obsessed with the cars with the ‘Just Married’ sign on the back (we even found some with tin cans trailing behind if you want to add an old fashioned feel) and those spectacular trumpet dresses.


ring and champagne bottle cookies
Image courtesy of Cut a Cookie, LLC

Looking for that perfect gold finish?  Kris of Cut a Cookie LLC ices everything with a gold icing, never white, for more coverage.  She then goes over it with an airbrush using a mix of gold dust and Everclear for a beautiful shiny finish.  Once it’s dry you can then add in all the details like the diamond on the rings or the vines and florals.



It's a Date

No matter if you’re asking your bestie to stand beside you or planning an amazing engagement party, incorporating the date is a great way to honor your wedding day.


wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Sally Schroeder / @PlatesofGrace

These cute calendars will surely help everyone save the date… or at least remember it briefly while they enjoy a sweet treat!



Make Sure Everyone's Included

Let’s not forget our furry loved ones.  Bring them into the celebration.  Incorporate your pet into your big day!


wedding cookies
Image courtesy of Chelsie Ward / @Custom_cookie_art

So many gorgeous elements in this cookie set, but that handsome pup steals the show!  What a beautiful cookie of man’s best friend and clearly a special member of this couple’s family.

dog cookies
Image courtesy of A Cup of Flower Cookies / Kathy Flowers

These adorable cookies were made for Instagram star @dopie_opie ‘s parents nuptials.  


Get a custom pet cookie cutter created just for you based off your pet’s features.  It’s a great way to ensure everyone, no matter if they walk on 4 legs or 2, is represented.





A little overwhelmed at the thought of making wedding themed cookies yourself?  We hear you! It’s a lot of work and you have enough details to think about.  Make sure to check out the bakers who made these gorgeous cookies, by clicking on the photos of their work.  Many of them would be happy to create cookies for your magical day, so feel free to reach out


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