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It’s Prime Day which means Deals, Deals, Deals Check out some of our favorite here….  Baking and Cooking DealsIf you don’t have…
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Wedding Cookie Favors They’ll Devour!

No matter if you’re planning a wedding, shower, engagement party or bridesmaid proposal there’s lots of little details to think…
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Much Ado About Ashwagandha

This ancient Ayurvedic medicinal herb is just what the modern world needs to get our health back on track
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Holiday Cookie Decorating

Nothing says holidays like a sweet treat baked with love. Here’s some ways you can decorate cookies that look fancy…
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Cookie Decorating Holiday Deals

Holiday deals for the best holiday cookies!
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The Leather Look

This post contains affiliate programs. All products featured on Nova Observer are independently selected by our editors. However, we will…
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The Best Tips and Gear to Hit the Podcast Circuit Running!

Image courtesy of Kate Oseen via Unsplash This post contains affiliate programs. All products featured on Nova Observer are independently selected…
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The Best Gifts for your Best Girlfriends

Where would a girl be without her girls? Here’s a round-up of gifts from women-owned brands that your girlfriends will…
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New Mom Holiday Gifts

The holidays are quickly approaching and if there is a new mom in your life you may need a few…
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Navigating the Halloween Season with Autism

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Boots To Upgrade Your Cold Weather Style

While boots have become a year-round staple, they certainly feel most authentic in Fall/Winter.  Whether we are pumpkin picking, going…
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The Benefits of Swapping Table Salt With Himalayan Salt

Do not take this advice with a pinch of salt. A spoonful of sugar might make the medicine go down…
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Hair Come the Onions

Onions might not do a whole lot for your breath but can help give you gleaming, Rapunzel-worthy strands.
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So You Want to Start a Podcast…

Image courtesy of Cowomen via Unsplash   Starting a podcast can be challenging, but thankfully it’s an area primed for growth.  Compared…
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Full-Body Yoga Workout | Part 1 Legs & Booty

Are you interested in yoga but you don´t know whether it´s for you and how to start? I have prepared…
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