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It’s Prime Day which means Deals, Deals, Deals   Check out some of our favorite here….     Baking and Cooking Deals If you don’t have a projector now is the time to get one! It’ll take your decorating up a notch! This Smart Sketcher is great for beginners!  B

Holiday Cookie Decorating

holiday cookie decorating

Nothing says holidays like a sweet treat baked with love. Here’s some ways you can decorate cookies that look fancy but aren’t as hard as they seem.

Bistecca ai Ferri, how to cook the perfect pan seared Italian steak

Pan Seared steak

The Bistecca is one of the most known and appreciated dishes of Italian cuisine especially for meat lovers, either cooked, as per tradition, on hot embers or cast iron skillet. It is a high cut that sometimes includes the bone, to be cooked with a degree of “blood” cooking. Let’s discover the characteristics of the most loved steak in the world and the technique to cook it to perfection. 

Bruschette ai Funghi Trifolati


Bruschette ai Funghi Trifolati (Mushroom Bruschette) is a rustic dish, part of the culinary tradition of the Piemonte region in Italy. Considered today an appetizer, It’s an effortless dish to prepare, tasty and delicate for all the lovers of mountain flavors like myself, but originated from the need to preserve bread by the farmers.

The Cookie Stamp: The Tool Your Grandmother Failed to Mention

The Cookie Stamp

Cookie Stamps are trending big right now and with good reason. For such a seemingly simple and inexpensive tool, cookies go from boring and mundane to edible works of art. Nordic Ware Geo Cast Cookie Stamps has recently launched several cookie stamp designs, sold in sets of three, that are engineered to create perfect imprints. Alternatively, if you are interested in standing out from the crowd, Etsy offers some old-school, one-of-a-kind finds, including springerle boards, textured rolling pins, and stamps made of wood, glass, or clay.

Embossed Lemon Gingerbread Cookies

Embossed Lemon Gingerbread Cookies

Using just one bowl, this bright and spicy cookie recipe comes together in minutes and fills your house with the aroma of magic. The dough holds up beautifully to cookie stamps, which make these confections go from “wow” to “wowwwww” in a snap. If you don’t have a cookie stamp, press down the dough with the bottom of a glass and drizzle the lemon glaze over the cookies… but, honestly, we really recommend you consider a stamp of your own.

Cake, Reinvented

leopard cake

Baking a cake can inevitably lead to extras—cake “domes” that were removed to level out layers, excess icing, and orphaned toppings. Oftentimes, these leftovers get packaged up and sent to their cold, lonely existence in the back of a freezer until that one fateful day… spring cleaning. But wait! It doesn’t have to end that way. Of course, there are always cake pops, but they’ve been done. Here we unleashed our animal instinct and reinvented the cake leftovers into decadent homemade cake bars. Not only does every bite bring an adorable surprise, but they can be assembled with almost any amount of leftover cake. You know what they say, “Waste not, want not.” Or is it “Waste not, want more?” We want more already.

Gnocchi al pomodoro—handmade with love

Gnocchi rolled on countertop

Gnocchi al pomodoro—handmade with love
By Larissa Groff / August 27, 2020
Gnocchi rolled on countertop
Let’s just be clear from the beginning: In this recipe we’re talking about real gnocchi. Not those crude chewy pieces of yellowy rubber that you can buy in some supermarkets. Those shouldn’t even be allowed to be called gnocchi. No, I’m talking about those fluffy little pieces of heaven–light and airy just like they’re supposed to be.