10 Things to Remember When Beginning Yoga

Beginner to yoga

If you are beginning on your yoga journey and need more information on how to start and what to expect, you’re in the right place!

What interests you most about yoga? What do you want to achieve? Are you merely drawn to the physical aspect of yoga? Maybe you want to gain more strength or flexibility. Or you would like to post similar photos to your favorite super flexible influencer.

Full-Body Yoga Workout | Part 1 Legs & Booty

Full-body workout yoga

Are you interested in yoga but you don´t know whether it´s for you and how to start? I have prepared a three-part yoga body workout for you, where you will get fit while practicing yoga. This series is for absolute beginners and intermediate yogis. 

Full-Body Yoga Workout | Part 2 Abs

Full-body workout yoga

In the 2nd part of the full-body workout yoga series with Prema Gaia we are going to focus on the belly. These strengthening exercises will help you to form a strong abdomen to boost your confidence.