Travel Wishlist for Chronic Over-packers

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After months and months stuck at home with no clear end in sight, everyone is itching to get away. Whether it’s a weekend drive to the mountains or a flight to sunny beaches, Nova Observer has rounded up the best items to make travel a breeze and keep packing light. 

These all double as amazing gifts for the jetsetters in your life that love to travel, but hate the transit.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Seasoned travelers know that a long flight can lead to puffy eyes which can ruin those just landed selfies. This cooling under eye gel stick  uses caffeine to visibly reduce under eye puffiness and seawater to hydrate and refresh the skin. The vegan and cruelty-free product  is small and compact enough to easily slip into a carry on (and it is a gel rather than a liquid so TSA won’t give you a hard time). All you need is a quick swipe under the eyes and you’re instantly refreshed.

Eddie Bauer Women’s IgniteLite Stretch Reversible Hooded Jacket

This reversible outerwear is made of breathable fabric that regulates temperature keeping you very warm, without being thick and bulky.  Made with StormRepel DWR finish to keep you dry the fabric is also surprisingly breathable and comfortable.   One side has a nice puffer coat look, in fun shades such as light blue and includes 3 zipper pockets for your gloves and other essentials. The other side is a more casual look in a neutral color such as this  dark gray, with open pockets,  perfect for a walk or a hike.   The seams nip in to give your body a very nice flattering shape and the sleeves have a nice stretch. This versatile jacket is a great space saving hack for traveling and is gorgeous for the ski slope.

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin  

Each pin does the job of 20 bobbi pins at once. These are great for any hair type, length or color as the pins come in light and dark colors. It’s very easy to put your hair up in a fancy bun or french twist, or even just to get your hair out of your face. If you tend to lose bobbi pens often, the Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin is your new best friend!

Clutch Charger

The world’s thinnest charger is just the size of a credit card and can pretty much fit right into your wallet. Thanks to it’s size the clutch charger will also very easily fit into a pocket or the little zippered section of your purse and weighs 2 ounces.  This charges comes with a little arm that flips out (so you don’t need to pack a cord) and is available in two versions for both Apple or Android users.  While the lightening cord can charge all your Apple products, the USBC one can even provide power to other devices,  like a Go Pro. Unlike some of the heftier chargers on the market, this will really just give you a boost, close to a full charge on most phones, which makes it great for a little extra juice on the go.

Pashion FootWear The Sandal

 What started as a college project, transformed into a booming female owned company. This is the first shoe on the market that goes from a high heel completely to a flat. The updated shoe, The Sandal, has extra straps and is a really great option because you can easily wear it through the airport or exploring, as a flat, and then if you want to get dressed up for night, you can just add on the heel.   The sole is flexible and so the flat has a little bounce to it which feels almost like walking on a cloud. When adding the heel on it attaches to the entire bottom of the shoe, giving the shoe and your foot the extra support it needs when walking on high heels.  Shoes in general take up the most space when packing, but The Vixen provides you a dressy high-heeled sandal and casual flat sandal all in one. Sizes run a little big (particularly in their Pashionista sandals which don’t offer quite as much support as the Vixen) so we recommend sizing down.

Pashion Footwear Sandal flat
Image courtesy of Pashion FootWear
Pashion Footwear Sandal heel
Image courtesy of Pashion FootWear

Showers Pass Waterproof Rain Hood 

Originally made to put under your helmet when cycling, this rain hood is a really great hack for traveling without an umbrella. It fits in a purse, pocket or backpack and you can pair it with your gorgeous wool coat to protect your hair and still look fab and hands free. The best part is it’s breathable, velcros under your chin and comes down really low so that you won’t get water in between your wool coat or denim jacket. It’s equipped with a brim that keeps your face dry as well which is a fantastic addition.

Showers Pass Rain Hood
Image courtesy of Showers Pass

Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer

Makeup can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, but this two-in-one saves space because it’s one tube of foundation with concealer hidden compactly under the cap. This HD, oil-free, matte foundation with it’s creamy full coverage refillable concealer counterpart is perfect for covering skin imperfections with a silky lightweight finish.


Mini Pochette Chain Strap

One of the hardest items to travel with is a floppy hat. If you put it in your suitcase, it gets crushed – so you end up wearing it through the airport.  For anyone who’s ever walked through an airport with a big sun hat, you know that can get a little awkward and sometimes feel downright ridiculous to be juggling your bag and this floppy hat.  Currently on the market there are  products out there that can help, but they’ll set you back $40-$70!  So, the Nova Observer team developed our new favorite hack for traveling with a hat; a purse chain!  Clip it through the label on the inside of your hat and your bag so you can easily carry it on the go. Other products use magnets, which means your hat can fall off, but this one locks it in place safe, and secure. If your hat does not have a tag, you can easily sew a small loop with thread or elastic to the inside where no one will see,  or you can use a small safety pin!

Floppy hat hanging from purse connect by pochette chain strap


This ultra tiny, foldable, reusable shopping bag is smaller than a tea bag when folded up. It’s great for shopping (especially with all of the plastic bans). There are a ton of really pretty color options. Ridiculously lightweight and thin with a silky texture, but really strong material. It comes in a regular shopping bag and a sling bag which is a great cross body option when on the go.  

Nanobag Options
Image courtesy of Indigogo

Showers Pass Ultra Lightweight Breathable Waterproof Socks and Waterproof Knit Gloves

Thicker than a typical sock, these take some getting used to as they are a little tight on the foot on first wear and the spot right above the foot does feel a tiny bit uncomfortable. These socks are not the best for running around, but if you’ve ever hiked a glacier in Iceland and spent the day in wet socks, you will really appreciate these. Water droplets bead off of them and they keep your feet really dry. This is an ideal item for skiers, snowboarders and people who like to play in the snow. 

The waterproof knit gloves feel like traditional knit gloves, but with the added bonus that they are waterproof. If you’ve ever worn knit gloves while scraping snow off of your car window, you know your hands get freezing as soon as the gloves get wet. However, water just beads right off of these. The outside of the glove may be wet to the touch, but the inside stays really warm and dry protecting your hands from the cold. They are more comfy than thick snow gloves and fit right in your coat pocket. 

The socks and gloves are available in men’s and women’s sizes

Shower's Pass Sock
Image courtesy of Showers Pass
Showers Pass Gloves
Image courtesy of Showers Pass

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

This spinning blow dryer brush, while it is admittedly on the bulky and heavier side, is the perfect solution for someone who always travels with an array of heat styling tools; particularly a blow dryer and a hair straightener. It’s ideal for doing an easy at home (or hotel room) blow out.  The best part though is that it will save a step in getting ready, meaning can spend more time out enjoying your traveling and less time in the bathroom blowdrying and styling  your hair.

Eddie Bauer Departure Easy Tank Dress

Made from moisture wicking fabric, equipped with SPF protection and odor control, you can wear this dress more and wash it less. It has a gorgeous deep V and thick straps (giving you lots of bra options). It also has nice deep pockets because who doesn’t love a dress with pockets? It’s perfect for the beach, but can just as easily be dressed up with a nice pair of heels. We recommend a dress like this for keeping in your suitcase on every trip.  After all, as an avid traveler, you never know when you’ll be invited to a fancy dinner or event so a double-duty dress, that looks and feels great for exploring a new town and special occasion can be a life savor.  

The Wand Wine Filter by PureWine

If you tend to get side effects from drinking wine like headaches or skin flush, these portable wine filters will make you enjoy a glass of wine again. They remove histamines and sulfites from wine without affecting the natural taste. The Wand Wine Filters are small and easily fit in your pocket or purse.  You just stir the wand it into wine, and let it sit for 3 minutes while the bean bag side does all the work.  Afterward you can snap off the top and put it on the stem of your glass, as a wine charm, so that you know which glass is yours. They are single use and disposable and the perfect way to enjoy a vineyard tour or glass of wine by the fire without needing to pop an ibuprofen to get back to enjoying your trip.


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